Sultana ki kalam se / I miss you

Sister love

Everyday and every night, I miss you.

In the happiest moment and in the saddest one, I miss you.

You might be upset and the reason is me, still we have the memories, when we have laughed out loud.

When I relive all those moments in my imagination, I miss you.

I might be bad, I might be Brutal but my heart will always have a place for you.

You may have got lots of friends and well wishers but there is me who will always be there for you.

In the end, I have just one thing to say,

My little heart,  I miss you.


© Tejaswita Khidake


Sultana ki kalamse / Congratulations


When they start back bitching,
Your growth has already begun.When they start being jealous at you,
Your progress has already begun.When they start criticizing you,
Your success has already begun.

When they start discussing on you,
Your victory has already begun.

When they just can’t ignore you,
You have already Won the battle.

© Tejaswita Khidake

Sultana ki kalam se / नारी – एक प्रेरणा।

नारी – एक प्रेरणा।

कृपासागर विश्वविजेता, भक्तिसागर जगमें दाता,
श्याम दिवानी है वो, मीरा मीरा।
प्रेमसागर आंखोमें ज्वाला, धुरंदर एक वो सुलताना,
हिंदुस्तानकि शहेंशाह, रज़िया रज़िया।


दयासागर है वो माता,बलिदानी त्यागमूर्तिका,
शिवराय की है वो माँ, जीजा माँ ,जीजा माँ।

रणचंडी वो हिम्मतवाली,झांसी की रानी शक्तिधारी,
खूब लढी मणिकर्णिका, लक्ष्मीबाई लक्ष्मीबाई।

क्या था अ ब क ड,लोगोको लगे वो अशिक्षित
पर सरस्वती थी लबोपे, नाम उनका है बहिना।

कीर्ति उनकी विश्व में सारे, प्रधान थी वो भारतकी सारे,
दुश्मन सारे थे घबराएं, ऐसी थी महान, इंदिरा इंदिरा।

कोमल हृदयी नाजुकता, विश्वसुंदरी है वो सुनयना,
देशका गौरव बढ़ाये, ऐश्वर्या ऐश्वर्या।

कोई माता, कोई बहना, कोई दोस्त या वो पत्नी,
नारी शब्द है बस एक, पर रूप है उसके अनेक।

आसमामे गूंजे एक ही नारा, प्रतिभा हो या मलाला,
बुद्धिमत्ता उसकी महान, है वो प्रेरणा।



Enjoy little things – Happy You

Watch kids, how they are; don’t you feel happy when you see them? Enjoy the little things just like kids do.

Don’t forget the kid in you, don’t think much about the world; just live the life with no worries , Enjoy the little things just like kids do.

Do you remember when you have experienced first rain of your life, just go out and feel the rain; enjoy the little things just like kids do.

Close your eyes and try to go back in the memories, how it feels; happiness isn’t it? Enjoy the little things just like kids do.

No worries, No pain, only smile, laughter and satisfaction, don’t you feel it? Enjoy the little things just like kids do.

Happy You…….


Powerful you – Strong you

They are not mature enough to understand you, let them say what they want.

They have aged but they don’t have control on their thoughts, let them think what they want.

Their world is limited so their horizons are, let them do what they want.

Their beliefs are symbol of unawareness, don’t you try to change them, let them be the way they are.

Just be an observer, learn from experiences, grow up and move on, and make them wonder how powerful you are.

Powerful you, Strong you….


Enlightened me – Spiritual me

I was looking for someone, with whom I could talk every day and every night.

I was looking for someone, with whom I could share anything anytime.

I was looking for someone, who could be with me every second every minute.

I was looking for someone, with closed eyes deep inside somewhere in me.

And I found him, somewhere deep inside in me, my God my soul mate for the eternity….

Enlightened me…. Spiritual me….


Eternal Me – The Soul

Me, Niether born nor does ever Die.

Me, Nor having once existed, does ever cease to be.

Me, without birth, eternal, immortal and ageless.

Me, is not distroyed, when the body is destroyed.

Me, can never be cut into pieces by any weapon.

Me, can not be burned by fire.

Me, can not be moistened by water.

Me, can not be withered by the wind.

I am the Soul, which has neither the beginning nor the end….

Eternal, immortal…..